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Raggs' 1-1 sessions were the highlight of my week during my pregnancy. I was experiencing a lot of anxiety during my pregnancy but I knew that seeing Raggs would help me. I had regularly attended Raggs' classes before my pregnancy and really enjoyed her teaching and style. I had not done any exercise during my initial stages of pregnancy and was nervous about what I could do. Raggs being a very competent and intuitive teacher started off with a sequence of poses that I felt comfortable and energised by and excited to practice at home by myself. I really looked forward to each session with Raggs as each time she helped me to grow in confidence about what I could do as well as giving me much needed relaxation and focus on my baby. Raggs talked me through all the safe pregnancy yoga poses and wrote down with diagrams a sequence of poses for me to try on my own. I did these poses every morning, which helped me overcome a lot of anxiety I was feeling and gave me confidence in my body's ability. Raggs even supported me in progressing to doing Downward Dogs, which I thought I would never achieve when pregnant! I cannot recommend Raggs enough if you want to have 1-1 yoga. Raggs is very calm, attentive and has an amazing talent for knowing what her student needs and gives them the confidence to achieve get strength in their body and mind.


Having never done any form of yoga before, I was a little unsure what to expect. However, as soon as I started having yoga sessions with Raggs, I realised I did the right thing. As I am blind, working on a one to one basis has been extremely helpful. I get clear descriptions of the various poses and hands-on support doing them. I feel as though we work as a team. Another advantage is, that one to one sessions are tailor-made and I can learn at my own pace with no pressure. With her calm, gentle, friendly manner and a tranquil atmosphere, I feel totally at ease in Raggs's presence. I've only been learning for a few months, but already feel much stronger in my body and a lot more emotionally stable. Yoga has transformed my life for the better and I aim to continue.



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Blocks of classes can either be paid upfront using the Move GB App, via PayPal or in person at the class.